What is CrossFit?

Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. But what does that mean…

10 Areas we focus on improving

Each of us come from a different athletic background with the result that each of us has our strong points and our weak points. An ultra-runner may walk into our box off the charts of the cardiovascular/respiratory endurance skill but not be able to squat half their body weight thus showing an impacted level in the Strength skill. A power-lifter may not be able run a mile without stopping showing the other end of the spectrum.

We’re here to correct those deficiencies. We train it all, aiming to improve all the physical skills, while specialising in none of them. Our goal is to produce well-rounded athletes ready to handle anything… and handle it DAMN WELL! What type of athlete are you?

Whats your strong points, what are your weak points?

 We aim and program our Workouts to allow everyone to get more efficient at the 10 general physical skills.

They are as follows:

Endurance  I  Strength  I  Stamina  I  Flexibility  I  Power  I  Speed  I  Balance  I  Agility  I  Coordination  I  Movement Accuracy


Do I have to be fit to start CrossFit?


This is the most common misconception people have about CrossFit – believing that only fit people do CrossFit or that you have to be fit before you can start. Our Fundamentals program is a nice slow transition which will take you through all the basics at a pace to suit you to make sure you are both comfortable and safe.

At CrossFit Thalwil you will experience the following:

Meet a great Community
Achieve Your Goals
Have a Ton of Fun

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